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[3 x 6] Bee Blocks

Two of the [3 x 6] Bee Blocks are finished.  As mentioned in a previous post, each block is the same pattern, but different colors.

Donna's Block*the black in this block is black and grey.  Click on the image to make it larger and see the print.

Interestingly, several people in my “beehive” chose the same colors.  Not exactly the same color combination, but some of the same colors.  For instance, one person chose black and white and another chose black, white, and red.  I was able to use some of the same fabrics for those two blocks.  In another instance, one person chose gray, green and yellow, whereas another chose gray, green and blue.  It’s been fun to see which fabrics I have in my stash and which I need more of.  I now know that I don’t have many blues.


My goal is to complete at least two blocks a week and get them mailed by the end of February, but hopefully sooner!  Now that I’ve done two blocks, they’re going much quicker.


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