[3 x 6] Bee Blocks – All of them


Here's a shot of all the [3 x 6] Bee Blocks.  I enjoyed making this pattern and deciding which scraps I'd use for each block.  I've received a few blocks from my Bee-mates, that have been awesome.  I'm excited to see the rest of the blocks.  

Since we only receive six blocks per quarter, I'm going to ask for the same colors for the next three quarters and put them all together at the end of the year to make one complete quilt.

Doing this swap has been a learning experience.  People talk about being a process or product quilter (or knitter).  Well, I've always been both, enjoying both the process, learning through that process and enjoying the final product, the sense of accomplishment at the end.  Having a small product that I can finish in a timely manner made this project especially satisfying.  But, it also challenged me to use colors in a different way.  Some of the color combinations I wouldn't have necessarily used together (pink and red), but they came out great.  In choosing the fabrics, I wouldn't have put certain fabrics together either, but they worked out well.  

Now, I'm wanting to do more work with color and color value.  We'll see what comes out of that in the coming weeks.

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