Let’s see . . . what would you like to know about me? 

I started this blog way back in January 2006, which was shortly after I taught myself how to knit. 🧶 

I love writing and sharing, so it was a natural extension of merging those loves with a new hobby.

Fast forward to about 2009,  when I was pregnant with our first child.  I decided I wanted to learn to quilt and took a beginning quilter’s class. ✂️ 

I fell in love with quilting and it soon overtook my knitting time. 🧵 

Fast forward again to 2012,  shortly after my second son was born.  I started a new business, had two young kids at home, and was working full-time.  I had little time, energy, and space for crafting.  My attention to knitting and quilting dwindled and I took a multi-year hiatus from creating and sharing projects. 

Today, at the end of 2018, I’ve resurrected my love of quilting and sewing. I decided to also start blogging about the journey again. 

I’m glad you’re here with me on this journey of exploring color and pattern.