Bee Blocks Received

May and June were my months for the Around the World Bee.  The person for May had dropped out and I had June.  So, I sent my fabric a little bit early. Over the past several weeks, I've been receiving the blocks and extra fabric back in the mail. 

There aren't enough people in the Bee to make a full quilt.  Some of the members graciously made a few more blocks, but I will have to make more this summer.  I've got a good head start!

I'm calling it a Kaleidoscope of Blues quilt.  I saw this quilt on Flickr and fell in love with the design of it.  I've also been really into blues lately, so I wanted a quilt all in different shades of blue.  In the above image, you can just make out a circle of light colors.  It's missing two blocks, to make it a complete circle, but it's close.  I love the circle effect.

Coincidentally, I'd made a test block, similar to the one in the lower left, and I received two blocks in the mail with the same main triangle fabrics.  It's interesting how people see an image and it stick with you. It just stands out and you want to replicate it.  I'll definitely use the blocks.  One or two for the front, maybe one on the back, maybe for a pillow.  The possibilities are endless.

Thanks, Bee members, for the awesome blocks!

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