Blogging Experience

So, I am attempting this blogging experience with my knitting stories. I have been knitting since August 2005 and reading blogs for about the same amount of time. I have gained so much knowledge, bouts of laughter, and new things to knit from the blogs I have read. It made me want to start my own blog. So I am trying out new software and seeing if I can make it work.

I’m using a new application that Apple just came out with in their iLife ’06 suite, iWeb. It’s an easy application to use; however I can’t manipulate it as much as I want. It’s kinda constrictive, but hey, I can publish it with my .mac account which I already own. One feature that is lacking is that it doesn’t support comments, so if you want to leave a comment, you need to email me. That’s the biggest downfall.

The yarn in the picture on the left is the softest yarn I have ever felt. I am planning on making it into a scarf, double knit. However, I told myself that I had to finish other projects first before I started this one. Discipline. It’s all about discipline.

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