I'm not all that good at gardening, but I try.  My mom was a great gardener, at least at growing flowers.  We never grew vegetables.  I've tried to grow vegetables for the past few years with varying rates of success.  I think it mainly has to do with my ability (or lack of ability) to maintain the garden during the summer.  Two years I went through intense morning sickness.  One year I was out of town for a majority of the summer.

This year, I decided to plant everything along the sides of our yard against the fence, but I'm thinking that there's not enough sunlight reaching the plants.  We've gotten a few tomatoes and two cucumbers.  We have some squash growing, but none to maturity yet.  It seems to be taking a long time.


We cut the cucumbers yesterday.  Liam was so enamored with them.  They are kinda cool looking for a two-year-old.  We used one is an awesome cucumber and tomato salad.  Jordan said he'd eat it anytime, which is quite a compliment.  We had all the ingredients in our garden, except the tomatos.

Liam went so far as getting the other cucumber out of the fridge this morning and bringing it into us while we were still in bed.  I don't think he actually likes to eat cucumbers.  It's just such a cool shape and something that he "found" in the backyard.

What are you growing this summer?  

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