Buckle Toy

Liam loves buckles.  The buckles on his car seat, the ones in his stroller, changing table, high chair, and other places are favorites.  I bought webbing and buckles around eight months ago and finally got around to making Liam his buckle toy a couple weeks ago.  

I bought the webbing and buckles online without seeing them first.  I'd intended the webbing to be primary colors, but they came out a bit more florescent than I'd anticipated, so I needed to find an equally obnoxious fabric to match.  Luckily a local (cheap) fabric store had just what we needed.


This was an easy project to throw together during nap time. I simply attached each buckle to webbing using a zigzag stitch.  I could have changed the thread color, but that would have been too time consuming.  I did make sure each buckle was color coordinated (i.e.: the male and female ends were attached to the same color webbing).  I then pinned the two fabrics right sides together and pinned the webbing, making sure it lay inbetween the two fabrics, and made sure that each buckle was across from it's match.  I sewed around, leaving a small opening, turned right side out and top stitched.  


He likes it.  It will make a good toy for quiet places and trips in the car.

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