HST Corners

I've been working with some really small HST for a long time.  A question for you all . . . do you trim your HST to size?  Do you just cut off the corners without trimming?  Or do you just leave them alone?  

Right now, I'm trimming all these squares.  It's quite tedious.  Part of me (the OCD part), wants them to be perfectly sized, which they're not.  The other part of me just wants to get it done so I can sew them all into blocks and eventually a quilt.

I've found that the corners get caught in my 1/4" quilting foot, so trimming off the corners is a must.  I could switch feet and adjust my machine, which is easy enough, but that would be too simple of a solution.

I see so many great HST projects out in blogland and on Flickr.  I'm just curious what everyone else does.

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