HST Quilt Top

This week is all about finishing projects (and maybe starting a few, too!).  I was able to finish the HST quilt top on day one of my vacation.  I've discovered new ways to work more efficiently.  I guess I had to given my lack of time. 


Working in stages really helped.  I would pin all the pieces, then chain stitch all the pieces, then iron all the pieces.  I used to work on a block at a time rather than on a part of the process.  This way, it was easier to find small blocks of time to devote to the part of the process, sewing, pinning, or ironing.  I didn't have to continually figure out where I left off.

The quilt top is composed of HST made from Moda Bliss.  The white fabric isn't a solid white.  It's off-white with white swirls.  It's from Moda, too, but a couple years old.  I don't know what it is, but I had it in my stash and will probably use the same thing for the back.


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