I do not like it. I do not like it one bit.

My ode to Dr. Seuss for the day.

I'm finally getting around to quilting the Dr. Seuss quilt.  Nothing like an upcoming birthday party to provide the motivation I needed.  

I like the wonky stars.  I love what I did with the back.  But, the quilting is only okay.  It turned out better than I thought it would.  I did not like the process of quilting it, though.  It was a pain.

Wanting to try something other than my traditional stippling, I decided to echo quilt around each of the wonky stars.  That made for a lot of turning, every four inches or so.  After the first star, I decided I needed to draw lines, which helped immensely.  Because the stars are wonky, I only echo quilted once.  I then stitched in the ditch each center square.  I also quilted a square in between each star.  I gave up on pulling the thread to the top, so there are a few ends that created small bird's nests on the bottom.

I enjoyed trying something different than stippling.  However, I love the effect of stippling, so that will remain my go-to quilting method.  Would I echo quilt again?  Yes, but probably something smaller, both in final product and in what I'm echoing.  Would I stitch in the ditch again?  Probably not.  It's too messy and in-exact.  

The quilting is done and the binding is sewn onto the front. I just need to hand stitch it down, wash it, and it's ready to go.  Hopefully sometime this week!

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