I need to cut

Anyone watch Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice?  I'm intrigued by the character's need to cut.  It's portrayed as an addiction, something they can't control (which is a little scary for a surgeon), and need to survive.  They often use the phrase, "I need to cut."

Well, last weekend, I found the need to cut.  Not skin and muscle, mind you, but fabric.  Even though I have countless projects in the works, I needed cut into new fabric, to design something new.  The need to cut and design is a kin to an addiction, but not so far that it's out of control.  Just a deep desire to create and use color (or the lack of color) in new and interesting ways.

This is a piece for my [3×6] block, a Sampler Quilt Mini Bee that I'm in.  In this bee, you are paired with 6 other people.  They choose the colors they want in the block.  You choose the design.  You make 6 blocks of the same design using fabric in their color choices.  The bee is repeated every quarter throughout the year.  This is my first time participating in it, but I'll do it again next quarter.  My hope is to have 24 blocks at the end of the year and be able to make a large quilt using those sampler blocks.  I'm having fun making my blocks and am excited to see the blocks that others have made for me.

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