I’m back! Kinda

I know it’s been awhile since I frequented this here blog.  Work (teaching) has been kicking my butt the past month.  We’re starting to get into a predictable routine, which means less stress and a bit more free time.  Of course, that free time is in snippets here and there and amounts to not much quilting time!

What prompted me to blog today was that I received a couple emails and comments from people who had downloaded / seen my Inverted Star Tutorial on Craftsy.   I’d uploaded it to Craftsy in the Spring and since then, have seen an upward tick in my blog traffic, even when I’ve taken a month off from blogging!

The tutorial has been downloaded 5571 times.  That just blows my mind away!  There’s that many people out there that quilt, let alone like the tutorial enought to download it.

My husband said, “You should write more patterns.”  My response was, “With what time?”  I would love to craft more and write more patterns and just work with fabric much more than I do.  But, as the main income source in our family, providing a roof over our heads has to come first.

That’s not to say I haven’t been doing a bit of crafting the past few weeks.  I think I sewed two seams in the past month.  But, hey, it’s something!

My goal is to start working on things again, slowly, as work calms down and we begin to get into a routine at home.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll try to get into a blogging routine, but no promises.  Now, to go put the toddler to bed and hope the baby sleeps well tonight.

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