In the past two weeks . . . .

  • I went back to work after two months of maternity leave.
  • The day I went back, I found out that I am switching grade levels next year, from Kindergarten to a 1/2 combo, two grades that I've never taught and at the same time.
  • My stress level skyrocketed.
  • I threw out my back packing boxes at school (it's a chronic condition, but untimely).
  • I "decided" to switch classrooms, in addition to switching grade levels.
  • I scratched my cornea and had to wear an eye-patch for a day.
  • Liam got the flu.
  • I got the flu and missed the last two days of school, including Kindergarten promotion with my students.
  • Jordan now has the flu.
  • I still have to finish packing my room (hopefully tomorrow)

Needless to say, I've been a bit absent on this here blog.  

I'm starting to get my mind wrapped around school next year, so my stress about the grade levels is coming down, but it will require planning this summer.  Much more than than I'd anticipated doing with two babes of my own at home.  In the end, it may be a good thing . . . the students are farther away from Liam's age, so I may have a bit more energy for him than I do now when I get home from work.

It's going to take a couple more days for me to recover (from the flu) and also from the business of the past few weeks.  I won't return to regular blogging until probably late next week.  By then, the crafty juices should be flowing again!

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