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Where do you find it?  How does it impact your creativity?

I have a stack of books and magazines with pages tabbed and web sites saved in a folder called, "Inspiration".  The web sites stay in that folder continually growing as I see something new and exciting.  The books and magazines sit on the shelf or in a drawer (the books on the self need to be moved out of Liam's reach, but that is a story for another day).  I think I've only made one thing from sewing books that I own and maybe 3-4 items from the knitting books and magazines.

The problem is that my inspiration is tucked away in a folder on my computer or on a bookshelf, or in a drawer.  I think, "Oh, that would be cute to make." But, I never get around to making it.  

My inspiration needs to be more visible, so when it catches my eye, I'm reminded that I really did want to make that item.  So, I'm going to go through my Inspiration folder and print out pictures of the things I want to make, go through the books and magazine and copy the pictures and post them up on my wall.

Then, of course, I saw these this morning and added it to the folder instead of hitting print.  Maybe I'll start printing tonight, after work.

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