Liam’s Twin Quilt

I managed to squeak one large project in before the end of the year.  Liam had moved to a mattress on the floor months ago, since he was climbing out of his crib.  We only had a full mattress at the time, so he got a big bed.  With the new baby coming, we wanted to move him to a twin, since they'll be sharing a room eventually.

For the big move (which wasn't all that big), I wanted him to have a new quilt.  

The pattern is from the Raw Edge Circle Tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I adjusted it to be a large twin size quilt.  It comes out to 70" x 91".  Each block is 7" square.  It was a pretty simple tutorial to follow.  Layout out all the pieces took a while and it wouldn't fit on my desgin board in it's entirity.  I tried to spread out the colors, but there were so many I'm sure there are a few that are too close.  

I'm not exactly sure how many fabrics I used.  I got to the point of raiding my stash for the few extra pieces I needed.  In total, there are 130 squares, which are 130 circles and 130 square background blocks.  It was a lot of fabric, and unfortunately, some was wasted in the circle applique process.

I've washed it once.  For the most part, the raw edges held up.  I did sew a few down after washing because they frayed too much for my comfort.  

Prior to this we just had a sheet on the bed and all his crib blankets spread about on it.  He just kinda slept anywhere since it was a bit mattress.  With the new, small mattress, and made up bed, we tuck him in each night when we read stories.  It's a nice change.  He doesn't stay in bed, of course, but seeing him tucked in with his quilt is just so cute!

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