Oliver’s Knitted Blanket

Oliver’s knitted blanket is an Entrelac knit blanket.  It is based on the Lady Eleanor Stole with different dimensions.  

Oliver's knitted blanket is an entrelac style blanket.  I love the depth and dimension of the blanket.  The yarn is also very soft and baby friendly. #quiltknitshare #babyblanket #entrelac

One of the other recently finished projects is Oliver’s knitted blanket. I’d originally made him a blanket with leftover yarn, but it didn’t come out large enough. It was also too similar to Liam’s blanket. I decided that Oliver needed his own, unique blanket.

I love how his blanket came out. I reminds me of the beach or ocean. The colors weave together throughout the yarns and the rows to entrelac are like waves rippling across the blanket.

Plus, it matches his quilted blanket and a few other blue things he has.  Details about the knitting and pattern are on Ravelry.

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