Oliver’s Quilt

I managed to get Oliver's quilt cut during the Christmas break and sewn together in January.  It's been sititng in the boys' room waiting to be photographed.

It's the Small Plates pattern from A Practical Guide to Patchwork, adjusted for size.  It was very easy to make and I loved that I was able to cut everything at the same time, sew everything at the same time and basically do the project in large chunks.

I quilted it with straight lines about 3/8" away from the seams as well as squares about 3/8" on each side of center squares.  You can see the quilting better on the back.  I did backstitch when quilting the squares, so you can see the extra thread on the darker fabric.  I don't like the extra thread, but I think it will hold up a bit better.  It wouldn't be too hard to requilt a few areas, if needed.

For the binding, I used leftover fabric from the front in varying lengths.  It compliments it well.  Some of the pieces were no more than 6", so it was tricky to make sure none of the seams were on a corner.  Some are quite close, but none are on a corner!

Overall, we love Oliver's new quilt.  I also decided to knit him a new blanket, too . . . more on that soon!

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