Pinterest – Have you heard of it?

Seriously.  It's the best thing since sliced bread.  The concept is an electronic inspiration board.  It's a sort of cross between Flick, Facebook, and a blog, maybe.  I've seen it around for a few months, but only just signed up this week.  Since then, I've seen so many great ideas, which I've pinned.

I have (soon to be had!) a bookmark folder on my tab bar that is labeled "inspiration".  It's where anything goes that has a link.  It's gotten quite full and I never look at it, unless I'm searching for something that I can't seem to find though a quick internet search.  I'm now starting to transfer some of these inspirations to Pinterest.

I was showing my husband Pinterest, explaining what it's all about.  He asked if people had pinned anything from this blog to their boards.  I didn't know, but after a quick search, I found two pins of quilts of mine.  Wow!  That's an honor.  It's fun to see my work pinned on someone else's board.

If you haven't already, go sign up.  I'd love seeing what everyone finds as inspirational.

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