Q2 [3 x 6] Bee Blocks Done

With the deadline fast approaching, I whipped together the second quarter [3 x 6] Bee Blocks.  For some reason I thought they weren't due until June 30, but it was actually two weeks earlier.  

I struggled a bit trying to figure out what block to make.  I've been really enamored with HST's lately, but the last block I did for the [3 x 6] Bee was HST's, so I wanted something a bit different.  I also wanted something fast.  So, I went with a sort of courthouse steps type of block with some infusion of a solid on the last strip.

They were extremely quick to make, about two hours from cutting to finishing for all six blocks.  I drew out the design, cut all the fabrics, then sewed them one after another pausing only to iron.


They're in the mail to the recipients.  I hope you all like them!

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