I've hinted in previous posts about knitting, but have yet to show you the latest knitting project.  It's almost done!  I need to finish the sleeves, block and seam it.  Okay, it's not almost done, but it's close.  It takes much longer to finish a knitting project than it does a sewing project.  

The sweater is Solaris (Ravelry link).  The yarn is Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool and oh so squishy and soft.  It's brown, but has subtleties of lighter and darker fibers twisted through it to give it some dimension.

I was planning on finishing this project in December, but of course, that didn't happen.  I don't really have a new deadline and am thinking that it may be next winter before I get to wear it!  

I tend to knit during the week after work in the evenings after Liam has gone to bed.  It's a bit more relaxing than sewing.  I tend to sew on the weekends when I have a full day to dedicate to it.  Or at least when I'm able to start in the morning.  However, recently, I've discovered that I can cut fabric at night after a busy day and it's almost as equally relaxing as knitting.  That's what I did last night, anyway.  

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