I'm finally getting time to sew and craft.  I'm not sure what changed.  Maybe the fact that I'm a week away from a two-week vacation and I have all these ideas swirling around my head.  Maybe it's that a few of these ideas are small projects that can be easily finished in a day or less.  Or maybe it's that some of the projects are things I have done before, and so I know what to expect.  There's such a sense of accomplishment with quick projects, unlike some quilts I've had in process for almost a year now.

This stack has already been made into a new purse for me.  I'll post about it in more detail later.  I've fallen in love with the Echo fabrics.  Although I only bought two of them (the gray is something I got locally), I can see myself snatching up some more for a full quilt.

These fabrics are for two Peek-a-Boo toy sacks.  I've made two other toy sacks from this tutorial (one I have yet to blog about) and love that I can see just what's in the bag.  These two bags will be for gifts.  Last year, I decided not to wrap gifts with traditional wrapping paper, but to make gift bags out of fabric.  I have a couple kids on the list that will make great use out of both the bag and the toy that's going to be stuffed inside.

This last stack, along with some Kona solids, are a set aside for a quilt for the new baby.  It's a simple design, quick, hopefully.  

However, I realized that Liam probably needs a new quilt before the baby will, seeing as how he's already moved out of his crib.  He's temporially using our full mattress as his bed, but it's a bit too big for the long term.  We're getting him a twin bed for Christmas, and he needs proper bedding to go with it.  I have some fabric and a design picked out.  I'm thinking that I probably need some more fabrics, though.  Liam's quilt may take priority over the baby's quilt.

As I'm writing this post, the purse for me is finished and I'm about halfway done with the toy sacks.  I'll most likely finish them tomorrow.  Maybe I'll start cutting for Liam's quilt this week and getting it sewn during the first week of vacation.

Of course, these are just the quilting and sewing projects I have in the works.

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