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The list

Yeah!  Vacation for a week.  Our school district takes President's Week as a holiday and I have a few things in my head that need finishing.  To keep myself accountable (and to remember everything), here's the list:

  • HST quilt top
  • Chalkboard in the kitchen (paint and frame out)
  • Playdough mat for Liam
  • Fabric baskets for Liam to put his toys
  • Put sod in the backyard (weather permitting)
  • Start the bookshelf in the dining room (maybe finish?)
  • Block and maybe finish Solaris

Of course, there will be spending time with Jordan and Liam, and visiting some stores that I never seem to have time to do during the week or want to do on the weekend when time is so precious.  

What are you up to during the long holiday weekend (or week)?

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