The rest of the gift

Now that the birthday party has passed, I can show you the rest of the gift.  It was all Dr. Seuss themed.

I've made a commitment to not using wrapping paper or paper bags.  I saw a post from Soulemama at Christmas one year about wrapping presents in fabric and I've now decided to do the same.  

We don't give a lot of gifts in our family, at least not tangible gifts.  They're mainly reserved for the little kids.  Instead, for the adults, we've made a commitment to engaging and spending time with each other as our gift.  We decide on an activity and go and do it as a family.  


As for the fabric bag, I used a tutorial I got from Make It Perfect.  The tutorial is for a see-though bag, but I just omitted the see-though plastic and followed the rest of the directions.  It came together in about 30 minutes.  Admittedly, it was the second bag I made, so I did have some prior experience making one. 

I also made this bag larger to accommodate the book and the quilt.  I figure it will make a good toy bag or a whatever bag.  Those are always useful!

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