They’re done!

25 blocks of very tiny squares.  I joined the Tokyo Subway Map Swap a while back.  Each of us was to make 25 copies of the same block.  I chose block 16, as I had plenty of greens and grays on hand.

The advantage to doing the same block over and over again is that I could strip piece it.  I cut 2" strips, sewed those strips together and cut out 2" strips from those.

One of the most difficult things was trying to keep a consistent seam allowance.  It had to be an exact 1/4".   When I matched up the seams, some were slightly off,but I'm hoping it won't be too noticeable once the whole quilt is put together.  Besides, I expect to receive some blocks where the seams are off, too.  That's just part of doing a swap like this.

After I made these 25 blocks, I realized that I'd essentially constructed enough blocks to make an entire quilt of very tiny squares, albeit the same 25 squares.  I'm sending these blocks out this week and I can't wait to receive the other blocks back so I can construct the whole quilt top.  That will be another summer project!

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