Which blogging platform do you use?

And, why do you use it?  I'm debating switching.  Currently, I use Typepad, but I pay for the flexibility. Being able to design it simply is a perk and the photo tools are great.  But, I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth the cost.

I have a Blogger blog that I set up the same time I set up the Typepad one (and the iWeb blog that no longer exists!) back in 2006.  I've redesigned the Blogger blog to look similar to the Typepad one and will be cross-posting a few posts to see how I like it.  If it's "good" enough for me, I may make the switch.

Which blogging platform do you use?  What do you like about it?  What drives you nuts about it?

For now, here's a picture of cuteness to entice you to leave comments helping me decide what to do.


ETA: Click here for the Blogger blog.

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