Wonky Quilt Bee – Traveling Quilts

The next round of our Wonky Quilt Bee is starting up in October.  We've decided to do a traveling quilt, as we've seen a few other groups do.  We have six members in our group. Each member will have two months to add to the quilt before sending it onto the next person.


This and this are my inspiration.  I love the words and the way the colors all work together.  I love that the background is a myriad of solids neutrals.

I haven't had much time to sew, but have been doing a bit to work on my starter blocks.  So far, I've only been able to complete one word, and that may be it until I receive the quilt back next year.  Time is so limited right now and I want to send it soon!


I'm very excited to see how everyone's quilts take shape.  I love that we have two months to work on them and mull over our additions and designs without feeling too rushed to meet a deadline.


I'm sending along bits of fabric, some are FQ I purchased specifically for this project.  Others are things I had on hand.  I'm also sending along five neutral solids that will hopefully tie it all together.

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