Work in Progress Wednesday (on Thursday)

*I wrote this post this morning and published it.  Then I realized that it's Thursday.  Yeah . . . it's been a busy week*

It's been a busy week, so not much sewing has taken place.  This week's work in progress is the same it was a couple weeks ago, with a bit more progress: Tokyo Subway Map quilt top.


I have two more seams to sew together before I'm done with the top.  The blocks were put together as part of a bee I was involved in a couple years ago (yes, it's taken me that long to put the top together!).  Each person selected a block and strip pieced the colors together to make 25 of the same block.  We then sent them to the bee coordinator who sorted them and sent us 25 different blocks.  

SInce each block was pieced by someone else, some of the seams are a bit difficult to fit together.  I had a lot of diifculty getting everything to fit, but since it's a bee quilt, I kinda gave up on being too worried about it.  In the problem areas, either the seams don't match, or I had to allow the fabric to bunch or fold over to make them match.  I think I prefer the fabric folding to the seams not matching. At least, from a distance, it looks like it's perfect! 

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