Dr. Seuss Quilt Done


I finished the Dr. Seuss Quilt last weekend and made up another goodie to go along with the gift.  I've hesitated to post about it because I discovered the mother of the recipient reads my blog.  I thought she didn't.  But, I also wanted to enter this in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival that Amy's doing on her blog, Amy's Creative Side.  Such a quandary.  So, I'm posting about just the quilt and will talk about the other goodie after the party this weekend.

The front of the quilt is wonky stars.  The back is wonky spiral log-cabinish shapes with bright colors on either side.  They were all supposed to be hexagons, but I discovered after I'd finished one that it was actually a pentagon.

I quilted around each star about 5/8 of an inch.  At first, I was just winging it, but after the first one, I decided I needed to draw lines to follow.  I also quilted a 2" square in between each star

The quilt measures 48" square.  With all the twists and turns for each pivot, it was a bear to quilt.  I'm not sure I'd do this type of quilting again, with such a large quilt.  Something small, maybe.

I also discovered that with so much space between the quilting, it doesn't wrinkle up like stippling does.  I had fun trying out a new quilting method, but will probably stick with stippling for a majority of quilts.

Amy's Creative Side

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