I know it’s been awhile

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I miss it.  Somehow the fall is always so busy that time just gets away from me.  I could fill the page with excuses, but what it really comes down to is time and energy, two things I don't seem to have these days for various reasons. 

The next couple weeks should settle down for us a bit and I'm hoping to do some more crafting and get back into blogging again. 

Some random updates:

:: I threw my back out on Friday.  It happens 3-4 times a year and lays me up for 3-7 days at a time.  Because I can't take ibuprofen right now, it's taking a bit longer to heal.  I'd so planned to work on projects this long weekend, but now the weekend seems wasted.

:: We found out that the baby is another boy!  This is good in that we already have almost everything we need and I feel way less pressure to get and make new things than I would if we were having a girl.  I am planning on making him a new knitted and quilted blanket all his own.

And, just because I can't post without a picture, here's one of Liam finger painting.  Although we've finger painted with him in the past, this is the first time he's really gotten the idea of it.  Well, except for the fact that you shouldn't touch your face with your hands when they have paint all over them.  We'll work on that one!


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