Where has it gone?  I have been super busy with work and can't seem to balance life enough to find time to craft.  When I have the moment in the evenings, I sit on the couch with a T.V. show and knit.  It's somewhat mindless, more so that quilting is.

This little guy has been keeping me busy.

He turned six-months on Thursday.  He has two teeth and is {painfully} working on his upper teeth.  He can crawl across a room, slithering like a snake.  His favorite place seems to be the bathroom.  It may be the cool tile floor.  But, our bathroom isn't entirely the cleanest place for him to crawl!  Overall he's a great baby, but we really need to get him on a sleep schedule.  Liam was a much better sleeper.  This little guy, not so much.

Here's Liam:

who can ride a bike almost like a big kid.  He is so grown up!  He can balance on two wheels and we're just introducing him to pedaling.  Soon, he'll be able to ride with Jordan and me and we'll be able to put Ollie in the baby seat!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to sleep before 9pm?  Seriously, we put him down around 7 or 7:30, but he's up {destroying his room} until 9 or 9:30 pm.

On another note, my husband and I have begun a sort of side business.  I know, like we have the time, right?  But this is somewhat easy.  

There's a web site called, Teachers Pay Teachers, where teachers create and sell things, mainly activities and curriculum.  We've decided to make products out of some of the things I use in my classroom and "cutify" them to sell.  We just started on Monday and have been able to put up three things this week, with plans for much more.  Nothing has sold yet, but we're hopeful.

We've heard some great stories about how teachers have made some substantial money from the web site and look forward to seeing where this new journey will take us.  

Social marketing is a bit component of it, and luckily, I already know how to do that through my quilting blog.  I did start a teaching blog, and will be blogging there fairly regularly.  It's called: What I have learned.  I'm able to tell about what I do everyday, so there's a bit more content to tell about.

If you're a teacher or know someone who is, pass along the information about Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's a wonderful resource and has transformed my teaching this year!

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