When you run out of pins . . .

it's time to sew.  Or get some more pins.

In my new, more efficient quilting methods, I'm trying to pin everything before I sew.  That doesn't go to well when I run out of pins!  These are stacks for my yellow, black, and white quilt.  I'm trying my hand at strip piecing.  Although I haven't gotten too far into it, I do like it.  

One thing I have to do better at is more accurate cutting.  I was tying to be quick and used a ruler that was too flexible.  It's one of those that has slits every 1/2".  I use it for cutting binding, where the accuracy doesn't have to be spot on.  I used it for this project, but probably shouldn't have.  Some of the strips are a less than 2.5.  Luckily, I'm pretty consistently less than 2.5, so I'm hoping that matching up seams won't be too difficult.  We'll see.  

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