Liam’s Toy Bag – Gift Bag

Just before Liam's birthday party, I whipped together a combination toy / gift bag.  It served a dual purpose.  It housed his gift for a limited amount of time.  It's day-to-day purpose is to hold his mega blocks.  He loves pulling things out of drawers, boxes, and off of shelves, so I thought he would enjoy one more container to pull things out of.  (I'm embarrassed to post photos of him in his pajamas, but there's a limited amount of time!)


The pattern is from Make It Perfect.  I'd seen it on her blog a while back and then saw it again on Made By Rae, during her Celebrate the Boy month.  As Liam has acquired a few more toys, we were in need of better storage systems for all the little things.  

I can see a few more of these bags in my near future.  I'll probably change the size to accommodate the contents.  It comes out quite roomy, but some of his toys aren't so big.  It's easily made with two fat quarters of fabric for the exterior.  I used Kona white for the interior.  The plastic window is cut from the kind of plastic bag you get when you buy sheets or other bedding.  I didn't feel like going to the store and I had it handy.  Plus, I was able to get a few pieces from the bag, so I can make a couple more.  Or, maybe I can use it as a good excuse to get some new sheets!

During the holidays, SouleMama talked about not wrapping presents with traditional wrapping paper anymore, but creating fabric bags to house presents.  I wanted this bag to both be part of Liam's gift and to house it as well.  He could see through it, of course, but didn't notice his present inside.  I think I'm going to try to make bags as wrapping for gifts from now on.  I really don't give many gifts as most of our family collaborates on the gifts we give.  But for those few that we do give, a bag is a perfect companion.

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