Moleskin Notebook


I like to sketch quilting ideas on graph paper.  

Last year, I bought an ugly notebook from an office supply store.  It was the kind of notebook that I'd take to a math class, maybe.  It sat in a drawer and I took it out only when I needed graph paper, which wasn't too often.  It wasn't something that I carried around (too ugly for that).  Not that I was ashamed of it, but I wasn't really proud of it, either.

Earlier this week, I set about looking for a better notebook.  Originally, I just wanted something that didn't look like I was in a high school math class.  I found a couple I like, so I bought one.  On our way out of the store, I found a three-pack of these moleskin notebooks.  We returned the one I bought and got the three-pack instead.  

I'd realized that I'd seen crafters who sewed fabric onto the covers.  Genius.  I raided my scrap pile, chose a few coordinating prints and appliqued them onto the front.  This is what I've come up with so far.  I may add more as inspiration hits.  For now, it is good.

Above is a photo of my small scrap pile.  It's scraps that are generally too small to use for quilting.  They're the kind of scraps that I should probably throw away, but can't bear to part with just yet.  I'm thinking that I'll end of making a ticker tape quilt with them.  Maybe a wall hanging.  Or maybe I'll be ambitious and make a lap quilt.  Or maybe ticker tape squares like a quilt-as-you-go type of thing (like I need another quilt-as-you-go project).  Who knows.  For now, they sit.  Until I raid the pile again.

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