Wonky Quilt Bee – Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks

These paper pieced quilt blocks were created for a quilt bee, the Wonky Quilt  Bee.  They are pieced and the patterns are available for free!

Paper pieced blocks in vivid colors.  Made for a quilting bee. I love the colors and triangular pieces. #quiltknitshare #paperpieced

I finished the Wonky Quilt Bee blocks a bit late.  The past two months, I had Jacey’s blocks.  I waited until the last minute, so they sat there for quite awhile, unfortunately.  Despite my tardiness, I love how the blocked turned out!

A paper piece star block.

Both blocks are paper pieced.  The above block is a Lone Star Burst.  I first saw a version of it on Six White Horses.  I’d downloaded a template for it ages ago, and knew it was perfect for Jacey’s quilt.

A paper piece star block.
A paper piece star block.

The second block I made is a Scrap Attach Block from from blank pages . . .  (I know that totally sounds grammatically incorrect!).  I love how the colors come together on this one.

A paper piece star block.

I didn’t get a photo of all the blocks together before I packaged them up.  I chose to leave my blocks unattached, partly because of time, but also because I wasn’t sure how they would all fit together and decided to leave that up to the next person on the list!

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